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 2 Door Volkswagen Golf 16v Turbo (For Sale)

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PostSubject: 2 Door Volkswagen Golf 16v Turbo (For Sale)   Sat May 14, 2011 6:52 am


To swop for a decent T3 Syncro or for cash.

Model: 1981
2 Door (Originally 1100 L)
KM Reading:
Color: Cream with black steel bumpers & end-caps
Interior: Original

My Heart is broken but, this is how life is.. Most of you on the forum knows how I feel about my Golf..

Contact me if you are interested: / 0820744612

The idea of Project Sleeper is to create a car looking standard but.... Surprise surprise!!!! Don't get your hopes up if you driving a new GTi!
The Theme changed later and is no longer a "Sleeper" ;-), I think its pretty obvious its not standard...

You can watch a few videos here:

Photo Slide of Stage I:

Teaser of Stage II:

Tzaneen Drags:
I've run against a Mazda with a Turbo EGi and a AMG

List of suppliers of parts and services in building "Project Sleeper":

F2 Vehicle Technologies
Rebel Motors
Turbo Direct SA
Mr Turbo
Quality Engineering
Vaal Piet's Wide Rim & Tune-Up Centre
Dennis Eckley
Noise Boys Polokwane
Super Renewal Auto Body Repars (015) 293 2578
Goldwagen Polokwane
Volkswagen Polokwane
Pro-Tech Batteries Polokwane (015) 293 2807
Zubair (Imported Wheels & Custom Parts)
HI-Q Turbo Bande (015) 291 4841
Partland Auto Parts

List of parts used in this project.

Volkswagen Genuine Various Parts
Garrett Turbo
Turbo Manifold Custom build by Dennis Eckley
TurboSmart Blow off Valve, Waste-gate & Boost Controller
Bosh Injectors
ACL Bearings
Hastings Rings
Achilles 123 Semi Slicks
Dictator Engine Management
NEX Ajustable Coil-overs

I have quite a lot of pictures, I will upload as I get time.

I bought the Golf from an old lady in a fair condition...
Using a bit of oil, smoking but running...
Tires ok, wheel alignment felt ok.
Steering making a knock sound when wheels turned from max left to max right (Universal Joint needs replacement)
Steel Bumper end-caps missing, one front & one rear with both bumpers bent a bit..
Some minor body work & overspray.
Little rust....
One plastic wheel centre cap missing.

This is how she looked when I bought her!

Here is the end result of "Stage1"

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PostSubject: Re: 2 Door Volkswagen Golf 16v Turbo (For Sale)   Thu May 19, 2011 11:09 pm


This is how the standard 1100 looks like under the bonnet:

We started stripping the head with the hopes of maybe just replacing rings & bearings at minimal cost, just to get her running for a while longer...

Me & my brother "Jakkals" playing "Panic Mechanic" Laughing

I dont have a picture if it but, we found rings broken & pistons cracked Shocked

Well, I could not have asked for a better excuse to replace it with something bigger....

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PostSubject: Re: 2 Door Volkswagen Golf 16v Turbo (For Sale)   Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:54 pm

Now this is not a pretty look...

First, i had to get this mess cleaned up


Now, the trick... The 1100 golf had a different engine mounting, that had to be removed / Replaced with the newer Golf mounting..

Got this mounting from scrapyard... Believe me, they dont care to remove body parts "nicely", this was removed with a "Moering tool"

With a little TLC, Fireworx and a CO2 welder...

Neatening up, covering up & Spraying...

The best engine VolksWagen made according to me... ABF 2.0 16v

The GearBox came from a 1.4 CITI Golf (FFZ)

New home for the ABF

A few @$*^@$@ ...


The new brain!!!!

The nest!

The new engine is fuel injected and cannot use the old carburator fuel tank.. So I found this one:

Installing this tank is not easy, you basically need to remove the real axle...

The old fuel lines needed to be replaced with thicker lines to supply enough juice.. I compared it with the new one in the picture:

Almost Done

This looks better dont you think!

New Ventilated disks, Calipers & Ferodo Platinums! from GW Polokwane

New 215/50R13 Khumo's on 13x8" widened original steelies...

I think you would agree that she needs to be lowered a bit.....

A set of NEX Coilovers from Volkspares

New Look!

The Standard engine with a well tuned Dicktator management made 107KW at Polokwane F2 Vehicle Tehnologies!
According to the VW Spec it makes 125KW at sea level...

This setup ran a 15.0 sec @ 147KM/h at the Polokwane Drag race.

This was basically the end of my Project "Project Sleeper".
She was a pure driving pleasure for 10 000km and about 2 - 3 years... until the engine was damaged due to some kind of bolt sucked in by the intake...
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Join date : 2011-05-14
Age : 37
Location : Polokwane

PostSubject: Re: 2 Door Volkswagen Golf 16v Turbo (For Sale)   Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:26 pm


This stage will be changing a lot, project sleeper will be giving its true identity away by a loud whistle and a branded body by all the sponsors.

With the damaged pistons and head because of the "ORIGEN UNKNOWN" item that got sucked into the intake.... We decide that while opening the engine, lets do it properly ('Smile')

To give you a little clue....

Here is the list of goodies bought over a period of about 12 months:

Goodies from Turbo Direct S.A.
Custom Hybrid Garrett Turbo, TurboSmart External WasteGate, Blow off Valve & Electronic Boost Controller.
The Mr Turbo Cast Iron manifold was not used in the project because the turbo could not fit with it.

Total Kit (Prothane Suspension Upgrades)

Standard Size replacement bearings

New 9A 16v Ceramic Coated Pistons, H-Beam Con-rods, Rings and crank (Balanced)

Button Clutch


Bottom-end fitted

Test fitted Manifolds

As you can see, the turbo wouldnt fit with the supplied cast-iron Mr Turbo manifold (This manifold would work fine with a T3/T4 Turbo.

A Custom Manifold was build with "Weld-on" 90deg bends and T-Pieces 40mm. If you require any custom manifold, please call Dennis Eckly, this guy CAN BUILD IT! (082) 3244522

Work in progress:
Boost pipes fitted, Intercooler etc....

I Will post new engine pic as soon as possible...

It was not time to find bigger wheels... with the estimate power the 13" wheels might be a bit of a problem when it comes to traction.

Money is a problem but... If I can rob a bank or something, this is what I would like to fit:
Schmidt Modern Lines!

Well, the money only allowed me to do the following for now:
Got a set of 15" steel wheels

Send them to Vaal Piet in Vanderbyl to be widened: 8" front & 9" rear.
Also got a set of Achilles 123 Racing Semi Slicks (Street legal tyres)



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PostSubject: Re: 2 Door Volkswagen Golf 16v Turbo (For Sale)   

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2 Door Volkswagen Golf 16v Turbo (For Sale)
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